Image of Graduation Podium

All students are required to complete 19 units for graduation at Uni High. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of 6 courses each semester, with at least 300 minutes per day of supervised instruction. Each year students must earn a graded unit from at least four different academic departments at Uni High (English, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies). 

English 4 units (in addition to Language & Literature 1)
World and Classical Languages 2 units (of the same language; includes Year 1 of first language)

3 units (beyond Math 1) - including:

  1. Math 2
  2. Math 3
  3. Advanced Topics in Math, Calculus I (Acc.), or Statistics

3 units (beyond the Subfreshman science courses) - including:

  1. Introductory Biology
  2. Introductory Chemistry
  3. Introductory Physics (all science courses are semester-long;1/2 unit each)
Social Studies

3 units (beyond Introduction to Social Studies):

  1. Themes in Global History: 9th Grade
  2. Themes in Global History: 10th Grade
  3. U.S. History
Physical Education 2 units (4 year sequence at ½ unit per year; beyond Subfreshman PE)
Fine Arts 1 unit (beyond Interrelated Arts)
Computer Science 1/2 unit (Computer Literacy 2)
Health  1/2 unit
Consumer Education Required online course