Traditional Grades and GPA Guidelines

All courses (except P.E. and Independent Study Courses) are assigned letter grades based on achieved percentage points that generally fall within these breaks:

A (4) 90 - 100 % B (3) 80 - 89 C (2) 70 - 79 D (1) 60 - 69 F (0) below 60


Grade Point Average:

  • A students grade point average is calculated each semester on a 4-point scale (A=4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0).
  • Pluses and minuses are not included in the GPA.
  • All courses in grades 9-12 are included in the GPA except P.E. and Independent Studies. Subfreshman classes are not included in the GPA.
  • The GPA shown on the student transcript includes only work completed at University Laboratory High School.
  • No summer school work or college courses taken at the University of Illinois or Parkland College are included in the GPA calculation.
  • The GPA is calculated using the semester course grade. If a course is repeated, both semester grades are reported on the transcript, but only the repeated course grade is included in the GPA.

Class Rank: Due to our selective admissions practices, University Laboratory High School does not rank students numerically.