students building a bike


This handbook serves as a guide for Uni faculty, students, and guests as they navigate the Agora Days program. While this document cannot be completely comprehensive, the hope is that it will answer a number of questions. If you find that it does not, please contact the Agora Days Coordinator for a more detailed answer.

Agora Days Defined

Agora Days is a four-day period, usually following President’s day, in which the regular curriculum is suspended and classes from a very wide spectrum of topics are offered. Students may explore topics of general interest to them, as well as those for which they have a passion, without the worry of homework, tests or grades.  Scope of classes taught during Agora Days generally include topics that are not taught as part of the regular curriculum.

Generally, Agora Days classes fit into the following categories:

  • Academic
  • Cooking
  • Athletic
  • Games and Gaming (Such as Apples to Apples or World of Warcraft)
  • Study Hall (With Administrator Approval)

We try to schedule 125 class throughout Agora Week. Agora Days classes do not include homework or grading.