Uni High is an exceptional institution that plays an important role in the community and for our campus. On the recommendation of the 2016-17 University High School Strategic Vision Task Force, the Uni High Advisory Board was established to serve in an advisory capacity and to help shape Uni’s future.

Advisory Board Members


  • Tim Stelzer (Term: 2022 - December 2024)
    Professor, Physics Education


  • Gloriana Gonzalez (Term: 2021-March 2024)
    Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education
  • Phillip Rowell (Term: 2023-May 2026)
    Chief Analytics Officer, Health Catalyst
  • Nancy Latham (Term 2023 - July 2026)
    Retired Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Executive Director of Council on Teacher Education
  • Kevin Tan (Term: 2023 - August 2026)
    Associate Professor, School of Social Work
  • Sharee Robinson (Term: 2021-June 2024)
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of the Chancellor for Research and Innovation
  • Supriya Prasanth (Term 2022 - December 2024)
    Professor and Head of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Amy Santos
    Associate Provost, ex officio