Give the Gift of Education

Leaving your Legacy


Richard and Conna Oram documented their estate gift intention to benefit Uni High. This process makes a formal note in their record of their intentions, agreed upon by Uni, and still allows them to withdraw their commitment during unforeseen circumstances if necessary. When donors allow Uni to document their gifts, it ensures the institution understands their intent for the planned gift and - most importantly - Uni can properly thank the donor. This process ensures Uni will abide by a governing document, crafted by the donor and University of Illinois Foundation, for how Uni can spend these specific funds.


What will your legacy be? Have you considered what you will leave behind that represents your values and priorities? It’s as simple as providing the following language to your attorney for inclusion in a provision in your will or living trust.

“I leave [$x/x%/# of shares/residue] to the University of Illinois Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation (Tax ID 37-6006007) located in the State of Illinois, to support University of Illinois Laboratory High School.”

Beneficiary designations, assets held in retirement plans, whole-life insurance policies, or savings/investment accounts also make simple and tax-efficient charitable gifts. We recommend the following language for your beneficiary designation:

University of Illinois Foundation fbo University of Illinois Laboratory High School
Tax ID 37-6006007
Attn: Gift Planning and Trust Services
1305 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Consider Your Testamentary Bequest

Your Bequest Will Play a Meaningful Role in our Future

We hope that you consider including Uni in your estate plans whether through your will, living trust or by beneficiary designation. Please let us know so we can thank you for your generosity and support of UNI.

Uni Would Like to Express its Gratitude for All of Our Legacy Society Members!

Legacy Society Founding Members

  • John E. Finch, MD, Class of 1952
  • Mr. Charles F. Medrow (Class of 1952) & Mrs. Irene R. Medrow
  • Dr. Michael J. & Mrs. Mary F. Slattery (Uni Alumni Parents)
  • Mr. David P. Frankel (Class of 1976)
  • Mr. Thomas Clark Shedd (Class of 1936)
  • Mrs. Marian B. Kohlstedt (Class of 1957)
  • Mr. Craig & Mrs. Sue Causeman (Uni Alumni Parents)
  • Mr. David T. & Mrs. Irene B. Ang (Class of 1974) Strohbeen
  • Mr. Gregory L. (Class of 1972) & Mrs. Teresa M. Ives
  • Dr. Richard A. (Class of 1957) & Mrs. Joan F. Newmark
  • Dr. Richard W. (Class of 1969) & Mrs. Conna J. Oram 
  • Mr. Walter R. Stewart (Class of 1973) & Mrs. Pamela Hanson-Stewart
  • Mr. Louis T. Conti and Mrs. Emma C. Solaún (Class of 1985)

Next Steps

Are you wondering what to do next? Maybe you would like more information, or maybe you would like to speak to us directly. Here are a few options:

  1. Return the reply card to receive further information.
  2. Call (217) 333-0232 to speak with Janet Kroencke, Director & Chief Advancement Officer for Advancement at UNI.
  3. Email We are happy to answer any questions you might have or send you more information.

The Uni High Advancement Staff is pleased to answer your questions and offer assistance at any time.