This curriculum guide includes graduation requirements for Uni High students, a planning guide for the five-year program, descriptions for courses being offered in the curriculum of Uni High for the 2019- 2020 school year, independent study guidelines, and concurrent enrollment guidelines.

Uni High provides a high-quality academic program with a wide range of curricular offerings. Because Uni High offers such a rich and diverse program for a small student population, it is impossible to meet the first choices of all students. In creating a schedule, Uni High looks to guarantee that graduation requirements will be met and then attempts to meet as many of the elective choices of students as possible. Some courses have enrollment limits. If more students request a course than there is capacity, we will generally determine who is able to take the course by utilizing the priority point system as part of the course selection process starting with seniors, then juniors, etc., until the class is filled. If a different method is used to select students, that method is included with the course description, or we will inform the students and families involved. When scheduling courses with multiple sections, every effort is made to create similar class sizes in order to provide the best educational experience for each student enrolling in that course. Final decisions about offerings will be made after student interest and enrollment in each course are determined.

When students make decisions about course selection, we ask that they consider the entire five-year program. Uni High recommends that students make course selections that correspond with their interests but also represent the best possible preparation for the next step in their education. Students and parents are encouraged to consult with the faculty and counselors at Uni High about possible selections.